Georgina Henry Award

Georgina Henry Award

Women in Journalism is proud to support the brightest new ideas with an annual £4,000 prize sponsored by Wiggin LLP, in memory of the Guardian’s late deputy editor, Georgina Henry, also a former Women in Journalism chair.

This prize is used to support an initiative presented by the applicant. Applicants can be any age, working in either print or multimedia and the winner will be an honorary Women in Journalism Fellow.

Judges look for a flair for storytelling, as well as evidence of innovation or impact as well an identifiable voice and understanding for a specific subject.



Rhiannon Davies

– The Scottish Beacon

Sponsored by Wiggin LLP

The judges said: “At a time when local news publishers are under real pressure, The Scottish Beacon gives underserved communities a much-needed voice. It is a truly collaborative project that brings community-based outlets together to hold the powerful to account and to help strengthen democracy. Having already achieved an impressive amount in the short time it’s been running, we can’t wait to see what it brings next.”