Interviewer of the Year

Interviewer of the Year

Interviewer of the Year

For the journalist who has done the most to bring new information to light through interviews. The judges are looking for work which shows journalistic skill and rigour, is revelatory and which serves the public interest.

For print/online entries, please provide up to three examples of work. Broadcasters can submit up to three clips or one entire programme in support of their entry. A supporting statement of up 500 words must also be included. Collaborative entries are accepted. Work should have been published between 1 September 2023 and 31 August 2024 and aimed at a UK audience. 


Tom Bradby

– ITV1

The judges said: “This was a scoop interview that has stood the test of time – and will continue to do so for, probably, years to come. Executed under tight deadlines with no editorial control and great professionalism despite the interviewer’s closeness to the subject. This interview made headlines around the world.”

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Alice Thomson

The Times

The judges said Thomson “secures incredible access and lets subjects speak in their own voice whilst also asking the tough questions and obtaining good news lines”.

Alice Thomson of The Times picks up the Interviewer of the Year award at the British Journalism Awards 2022. Picture: ASV Photography Ltd for Press Gazette

Emma Barnett

BBC Radio 4

The judges said Barnett’s “rigorous research and attention to detail is evident in every interview as she tirelessly gets answers to the questions that matter for her audience”.

Emma Barnett picks up the Interviewer of the Year prize at the British Journalism Awards 2021 from Jeremy Vine and freelance journalist Rob McGibbon

Emily Maitlis


Prince Andrew interview

The judges said Maitlis’ face-to-face with Prince Andrew was “the outstanding interview of the year” and “a global, agenda-setting scoop”. “It took huge courage and skill to undertake an interview of that stature under pressure at Buckingham Palace,” they said.

Decca Aitkenhead

The Sunday Times

Russell Brand on his hedonistic past, marriages and becoming a father

Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservatives, on depression, her self‑harm scars and why she’ll never be PM

Actor Rob Delaney opens up about grief and the death of his two-year-old son

Judges said: “Aitkenhead goes deeper into her subjects than you expect and gets information out that goes far beyond the PR. She is absolutely at the top of her game and stands out in a varied field of top quality writers.”